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World Weary

Holidays, Facebook and Instagram have so much in common in terms of promoting delusional expectations of happiness and joy…It’s not that there aren’t times of joy and moments of happiness, it’s just that there are other states of being that get swept aside in the manic search for identity and a place to belong.

The times we live in get more and more ambiguous with each passing day, and our attempt to make sense and navigate all the external and internal disasters that besiege us is daunting.
We mark time by significant events and unfortunately there are more not-so natural disasters that litter the earth than ever before.  We take credit for the positive developments and we disavow any responsibility for the toxic environments (Emotional. Entertainment. The Earth) that we have lit up and set ablaze.  Our world and our world leaders deny the arch of fear that now permeates our planet.  We keep bypassing the truth in exchange for some temporary escape. Is it Art imitating Life or is Life driving what we call Art.   It’s not a mystery that there are more zombie movies given that’s the way most people look.  Smiles plastered across fearful faces, or Vampire Films as we suck the blood out of those that seem useful to us.

Trying to find touchstones/solid ground/answers is an ever-moving target.  I find myself like a five-year-old so many times unable to verbalize my fears, my frustrations, my concerns.

I, like you, fear for the world. And I, like you, know how important it is to slow down, check in and reconcile our behavior.  I only learn my lessons the hard way and my attempt and promise is to make my education much easier on those I love.  Too many times I travel so cavalierly through life, disconnected to what is really going on both personally and globally.  This is a confession of sorts.  A declaration of awareness. Certainly a personal call to action.

To try and understand 5,000+ people being swept away by a typhoon is impossible.  It is impossible to feel the pain of so many.  The displaced, the homeless, the loss of so many.

Contribution and communication to others who have been affected is as much for you as it is for those who have been severely hit.  We need to reach out to one another and we need to connect as much through our fears and struggles as we do through our celebratory pictures on Instagram… It is a glorious wonderful life, but it includes the heartbreaks, frustrations, disappointments and losses.
Some days we paint with a flourish of bright colors and some days we paint with impervious blacks but we must always find a way to pick up the brush…

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