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We all have some issue, infirmity or difficulty that we come in with.  In some ways, they turn out to be our greatest assets, but for a while those issues, infirmities or difficulties can look like unfair liabilities.

For as long as I can remember I have been anxious. I have compensated for those intense feelings of insecurity by bravado, hyperbole and shameless self-promotion. There is an upside; I have been incredibly mobile and resolute in my appetite for danger and adventure. Those intense feelings have given me a rich and diverse life. As much as I am able to bring life to any situation, I also have the ability to destroy all that I love.  For most of us, we have created constructs to live by.  These constructs make sense to us, but they lack any real critical thinking and usually are quite mad.

For example: 

“If I work hard, I will be successful.”

“If I treat others fairly, I will get the same in return.”

“In order to be truly talented, you have to be tormented."

We are riddled with all sorts of constructs that have an inherit context, “if this, then that," which in turn create upsets because these constructs don’t inevitably fulfill, and are not necessarily true. We put these pillars together as a way of defining ourselves, as a way of getting along.  We have determined that without one, we don’t get the other.

For example:

“Without drama, we don’t get creativity.”

“Without worry, things can fall apart.”

“Without screaming, nothing is heard.”

“If I don’t do it, it’s not going to get done.”

These are all set-ups for disappointment and blame. To begin to see the insanity of our thinking is the first step. It’s not the whole step. I have seen something many times, that doesn’t mean that I have become proficient at disengaging when those highly intense feelings take root and begin to initiate a reality.

To dismantle the constructs that have become the fabric of our personalities begins with spending more time on the asset side, and less time indulging your liabilities. 

These constructs are tethered to fear and shame.  To pull the proverbial “Chicken from the Bone” of these flimsy myths is to liberate yourself and introduce you to a more creative and expansive life.