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With the introduction of more and more stimuli and the technological ability to deliver more point-blank, in-your-face news, we are developing more conflicted personalities.  (Yes, we all have been diagnosed with ADHD).   We don’t know “where to turn” both literally and figuratively, so we are spinning.  We are snapped back and forth, up and down, attempting to figure out where to put or attention.  There is such conviction about what’s important coming at us from all fronts, and all being delivered by passionate couriers.  What’s important today hijacks what was important yesterday.  We are in a state of constant derailment, always off-balance.

What we have our attention on:

• Staying healthy.

• Looking good.

• Making money.

• One’s calling, one’s passion.

• Good sex.

• Making a difference.

• Leaving your mark.

• Staying current.

• Personal development.

• Healthy relationships.

• Finding love.

• Staying in love.

• Being a good parent.

• Staying current on what is good parenting.

• Being a loving child.

• Being creative.

• Finding well-being.

• Saving for you and your family’s future.

• Empathizing and caring for those who are in crisis.


It seems like a finite list, however there are multiple subsets to each headline.  There are infinite directions and infinite choices that are bombarding us everyday.  Can’t make sense of it?  There is no sense, just one’s dexterity with all that’s required, like a great juggler who keeps adding spinning plates or more balls.  

Old age and youth play an important part in the drama. It is curious when one stops creating the direction the world is going in, and longs for the times when juggling seemed easier. Was it ever really easier or did we just have more capacity and tolerance for spinning plates and shiny balls?

We have to find a way to say “yes” and “no” with sublime ease.  We have to know that there will be parts of life that won’t be tended to, or tended to with polite nods or cordial indifference.  We must have an understanding that we will feel “left out” or “left behind”, and that all cannot get our equal attention.  When one looks forward, you must have a good sense you are on a path that is consistent with your spirit and soul.  When one looks back, you must feel satisfied that you left your footprint, no matter how big, no matter how wide.