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Feel Free to Feel

The holidays are such a time of volatile emotions, managing expectations, intoxicating events, nursing hangovers, intense highs, challenging conflicts, familial obligations, relentless carols, reams of wrapping paper, last minute dashes, bloated bellies, and that's just some of it. You need the let-down postpartum wail and wounded animal primal scream in order to process all that has transpired. There is a reason for New Year's Resolutions and there's a reason that they come when they do. Yes of course it's the new year, but more importantly it's because of the few weeks that came before December 31st that herald a liver overload, you need to tether yourself to some sort of promise of change.

I love Christmas. I love all of it. I love the getting of the tree, buying of the presents, decorating of the house. I love how excited the kids are and how all seem to be merry and there is a sense of "good will towards mankind." Is it the endorphin of Love and Good Will that has us over indulge? Is that just the nature of us, that we must celebrate good tidings with depressants (liquor/champagne) and other mood enhancing drugs? Who cares, there's always a resolution in the very near future to right some temporary wrongs.

2015 was a year of terrorist acts and very strange happenings. The absurd becoming more and more mainstream and the bizarre taking a center seat at the table. Digital acuity is determined by how fast we can adapt and accept to radically changing paradigms, and in that regard the gauntlet has been thrown down. We all had to find our footing and our way through the shock of it all.

2016 is a different year. We are no longer shocked by the horrible or the absurd. We have more of an ability to integrate these headlines into our daily lives. So 2016 becomes a time of intense creativity, taking lemons and making lemonade, standing up to terrorist acts, living with more intention and less reaction and driving away anger with the power of a pure heart. It portends to be a very amazing year...