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A Confluence of Cultural Crap

Johnny Depp’s video-taped apology to the Australian people is just another link in an already bizarre chain of cultural crap. What is it about movie stars that has them become more and more aberrant as they age?  Like Persian cats who have gotten far too much attention and have been inbreeding with themselves. Has no one told these people that men shouldn’t do plastic surgery or color their hair?

These day you can’t say anything without offending someone. The over-sensitivity that has become the zeitgeist of our time is crippling. Developing some moxie, some toughness, belongs to another time. Equality has been taken to new heights where we are attempting to equalize the playing field so people feel better about themselves. No one is equal. Nothing is equal. There are people who are smarter, funnier, more talented than the next person. Whoever said it was a good idea to reduce yourself so others feel better about their own mediocrity.

Overly medicated and under-educated has birthed a mountain of authority with very little credibility; assuming you have something to say is an epidemic. In the spirit of the confluence of cultural crap, there is really nothing more you could say about Donald Trump. He has so congested the cultural pipes that even a good plumber with a viable snake couldn’t unclog that mess. People have turned incompetency into an art form using family names as a stepping stone for their own benefit. The need to be special, mixed with very few life skills and over-inflated expectations is unleashing a problem that we won’t be able to undo.

So what to do? Make changes where you can. Stop attempting to make changes where people are clearly not interested. We are so prone to give our opinions with very little interest in investing our time. To understand what matters to you and to spend your life dedicated to that cause is a life well spent; for the rest save your breath. 

Let's Make America Great Again

I find this to be just another myopic slogan that longs for a time and country that no longer exist. “Let’s Discover America,” would be a better slogan. If you think back to when we were in school and first learned about Columbus and all the other explorers, we were learning about the discovery of America. That has been the hallmark of this country; the continuous discovery of who we are and what we have to contribute. There is no “GREAT AGAIN,” there is no going back to our “glorious past”. There is only the discovery of what we are today.

 Like any great business you would start with the fissures and the cracks and see what needs to be done. You would examine the product and see if it’s still current and viable. You wouldn’t keep trying to upsell something that people stopped buying long ago. The very fact that Donald Trump has so much traction is just a statement of the times, it’s not a statement of the man; the fact that he does not know that difference is a statement of the country. People come into power by being in the right place at the right time with the right pathology. Without Bush there would be no Obama, and without the advent of everyone thinking they’re special there could be no Facebook.

 People are concerned about the direction the country is going in; that’s like being concerned about gravity and thinking you have something to say about it as you jump off a cliff. To demand change, you must first understand how we got here. You must tear down the rotting structures and start to rebuild with a strong foundation. It’s not sexy, but it’s real. To pivot a great change would require the country to be unified, pulling in the same direction. It would require collective sacrifice. It would require trading in short term gratification for long term vision. Getting that all to happen would be the equivalent to wresting a bone out of a rabid dog’s mouth. We are a country consumed with self and have no ability to distinguish fact from fiction. We truly believe celebrities are our friends. No matter what anyone says we will believe what we want to believe, regardless of whether it’s true or not. Even though this will land on deaf ears, Mr. Trump, just because you’re married to someone who is good-looking, it doesn’t mean you are.