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I was reticent to be just another voice in a long line of truly heartfelt and profound voices weighing in on The Orlando Massacre. I initially was anesthetized and disbelieving. I didn’t register the tragedy, but with each passing day it is like some time-released despair that I feel. I did not know anybody that died that night but I can’t help but feel a parent’s grief. A parent’s helplessness. A parent’s rage. I mourn with those parents that have lost their untried children.

In 1996 Australia banned all guns and subsequently there has been only one incident in 20 years. That is not by coincidence. Is it that we as Americans are so arrogant that we can’t learn from other countries? Why do we feel that we have to stay true to our sanctimonious ways? You would think after Columbine that would have been enough impetus, and if not then, certainly when small children were gunned down at Sandy Hook would have been the icing on the cake; but still not. We are addicted to using The Second Amendment as some concretized tablet rather than an ever-evolving construct that should be vetted and examined to see if what was written in 1787 is still germane today. The right to protect ourselves with assault rifles seems oddly ironic.

I don’t need to go into all the reasons why there should be no guns; there are so many others who have already exhausted this argument through comedy, tragedy, and political forums and we still have guns. I just know we grow stupider every day. We follow people who have no ability to listen and we listen to people who have no ability to follow, so how could they possibly be expected to lead. Once again we are infected with another case of heartbreak; with no solution, just anguish. And again we will be left watching devastated parents perform the unnatural duty of burying their children.