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No Accounting for Spirit

There is usually only one person who makes it out of a family and evolves beyond the family dysfunction. Now there is no evidence for this postulation, just my own personal observations over time. There are, of course, exceptions to this where all siblings do well and perform at high levels and contribute to the greater good despite their familial malfunctions.  I am not talking about unicorns and other mythological creatures; I am talking about the rule, not the exception. Only-children are no exception to this rule, as there are only-children who evolve beyond their circumstances. In their case they are the one and only who made it out alive.

There is no accounting for spirit. That spirit which sees beyond the pain and anguish and either transcends their original wounds or alchemizes those wounds into a positive expression. There are countless stories of heroic acts and remarkable achievements that counters a horrific beginning, however, there are not a lot of stories about those that are left behind. When I say there is no accounting for spirit I mean that there is an accounting of success; why one person succeeds and another doesn’t, but there is no accounting for why one is imbued with that spirit and another is not. Why one person looks from 30,000 feet and another has Vaseline on their eyes and all is blurred. Why one continues to live from a paradigm of what they didn’t get and blames their parents and/or circumstances, while another takes those wounds and it turns lead into gold. Or why one is emotionally imprisoned and victimized while another is liberated and open-hearted. Or why one is delusional about their talents and skills and is out to prove something and lives with their foot nailed to the floor while another is creative and has nothing to prove but much to contribute.

People who have found their way beyond their past have similar attributes. They don’t blame their circumstances but they use them to their advantage. They are open to hearing what’s not working, they reach out and get help where needed. They give credit away so their creative channels stay open. They build powerful partnerships and teams. They go through life grateful and with a sense of humor. There’s no way of accounting for spirit, but maybe there’s a way to unleash it.