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A Magical Summer

As school starts and the summer of 2016 becomes a silver box memory, I am happy that we have a pictorial account of our 5 weeks in Europe.

Jen (my wife) has had, for quite some time now, very strong intentions for us to spend an extended period of time in Europe. I wasn’t resistant to the idea, naturally, but more reluctant, uncertain of how I was going to manage it all while I was away for so long. Basically, give up some control. Jen had three very strong intentions for the trip: 1)  To expose our kids to a different culture- Actually get some manners. 2)  For Jen and I have more time together, unencumbered by our very busy lives in LA. 3) And for me to let go of the reigns a bit and see if I could work more remotely.

I think those 3 intentions were certainly realized, and so much more.

We boated and floated in Croatia; all hosted by the gracious generosity of Stephan and Caroline. We ferried from Croatia to Venice, even the Italian heat and the multitude of tourists did little to quell the magic that is Venice. We saw CARMEN (the kids first Opera) at the Arena di Verona. We trained from Verona to Lago di Garda, a beautiful lake region in Northern Italy. Jack (my 12-year-old son) and I saw the girls (Jen and Gigi-9 yrs) off at the Milan Train station, which double as the airport. They went to Paris and we stayed in Milan. Jack and I then trained to Innsbruck. The boys got to spend time together while the girls did Paris. We all rendezvoused in Echleiten which is Stephan and Caroline’s Schloss outside of Vienna. Our final stop was London. In an existential act of generosity, Simon and Angelika, whom we just met, lent us their flat in London. We hiked. We walked. We biked. We ate. And mostly we were grateful. Grateful for such generosity shown towards our family.

As we transition from the magic of summer to the uncertainty of the next two months (the elections only being months away), we find ourselves at a beginning. People have different reactions to beginnings; many of us like to be at the end, we like to read the end of the book and then go back and read the entire story. Somehow it puts us at ease if we know the outcome. But conclusions give us nowhere to go, as a beginning gives us a fresh start. And we can all use a Fresh Start.

The world is watching us, the world is always watching us. Whether that is because America needs the attention or because we are never static. We are a 3 ring Circus; and it’s hard to look away. We are a Country that dwells in unchartered territory and here we are again. The first women candidate and the first clown. And we all know clowns are scary.

We are a country that was founded on revolution and we somehow do well under chaotic conditions. So as we enter into the new order of things we enter with trepidation and holding our breath. Underneath all that uncertainty is a heart that beats true, that I know for certain; and I trust in that certainty.


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