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Happy Holidays 2016

There is so much being thrown at us on a daily basis it’s hard to keep up, it’s hard to stay connected. It seems that the world is giving us a lesson. And it sure seems as if the world has its own conscience in dealing-out these lessons in very harsh ways. We have never been good with loss. Our own personal losses continually shock us; we are certainly anesthetized to the world’s losses. It seems that understanding that loss is an intrinsic part of life is the lesson that the world is pounding into our hearts. We are also being forced to face the absurdity of life and what we think we can claim as ours. The recognition that we are living on shifting sands and all is in question, its having us learn a whole new form of balance. The world is our teacher and it goes beyond the people that make up this planet. Like an omnipotent force that has always had its eye on us, it seems that force has taken up a different narrative, leaving us staring point-blank down the face of a barrel.

I don’t feel afraid; I feel more loving. It is an interesting paradox to feel more loving in the face of complete uncertainty. I think about what I can give and how I can maintain an open heart. We are all absurd and we all have our own brilliant ways of getting through and aberrant behaviors always belie the truth.

It is my attempt to continually talk to the best part of people, to not be so quick to react as if I am being offended. To create a new context, one that will Sheppard me through the next twenty years; a context that uplifts those around me. I am reaching out, not so much to the stars anymore, but more to a hand that is right next to me.


Have a safe and grateful holiday.


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