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What is the Truth?

What is the Truth? An age-old question. And one that we essentially are in search of all the time. We look for the Truth in our personal lives, with those we love–– our friends and family. We look for the Truth from our leaders, from our teachers, from whom we date to who we marry. We look for the Truth philosophically: from how to live our lives, to religion, to who we should work for and what we should do.

The need for the Truth is an all-consuming pursuit and it is certainly one of the core-centric commonalities that binds us together. We have Referees, Umpires, Pundits, Lawyers, Police, Committees and self-proclaimed authorities looking out for what is the Truth. There are the obvious Truths, where someone is caught in an outright lie. Then there are the not so obvious, where things are more subjective–– like whether it’s a ball or a strike.

Then there are things that you absolutely think are true, and you live from those truths until later on you discover that they were lies. When one is angry and says hateful things to another and then later on recants, which is true: the hateful things he/she said in the moment, or the loving regret they speak in the aftermath? 

So, how to get at the Truth: I have found that when one takes anything personally they have an inability to diffuse or reveal the Truth of a situation, if one doesn’t feel personally lied to and there is no threat of loss, that seems to offer up space for a person to tell the truth.

“The reason people lie is because of Shame, therefore to use Shame as a tool to get to the Truth will just further concretize the situation.”