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Heartbreak is an essential part of being human. It happens to all of us and it happens in very different ways. There are events, such as: someone passing away, a significant break-up, a truly unexpected tragedy, results from poor choices, etc. Heartbreak hits us all differently and hits us from different parts of our lives. We have the ability to “rally” and move on, but heartbreak lingers. Even when we have the drive to move on and move forward, sometimes it’s just too much and will lay us flat. We are living in a time where heartbreak has become a quotidian expression. Heartbreak no longer stalks us, it now inhabits us.

There are new cultural personalities that are developing because of the heartache and the heartbreak. We use to have personalities of rage and anger because there was still the illusion that we could stave off and/or eliminate the heartbreak that hit us, but the endless waves of despair that come with such regularity has changed the way we deal.

When my younger brother died, fifteen years ago, it hit me very hard. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t experience loss before, but this was personal, it brought my mortality into focus. For months, I kept trying to shake off this feeling that hung over me like grey overcast. Until one day it dawned on me, I was forever changed and whatever room I had occupied was forever closed. I had been bumped into a different room, it wasn’t better or worse, it was just different. It didn’t offer up the same sunlight but then there was something more substantial. We have to learn how to live with less sunlight.