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A Blistering December

This is usually the time for review, a time to look back and reflect but not this time. That does not mean that excavation is not taking place, it just means all of the unearthing is in service of a powerful forward momentum.


We are in the throes of great change. We have been coming to this for a long time now. All has been under examination for a while now: how we eat, how we sleep, how we were parented, how we parent, how we relate to one another. We have been examining all that we are as human beings and all that we do, and so it’s not surprising that men are now under the microscope.


Most of us don’t like change, especially if it looks like it includes loss. There is a shelf-life to everything. Recognizing one’s outdated behavior and surrendering to a new direction is challenging but it’s also refreshing, energizing. There are historical accounts and retrospectives of what pushes us into new paradigms. There are those inciting events that architect our future, but really there are a series of low-profile moves that allow for an inciting event. One person might get credit for great change but it is thousands of unheralded actions that have created scaffolding for a time which has come.


I usually wish for love and care around the holidays, not that that shouldn’t be there always, but this year there’s an additional wish. This is a Sisyphean time where all have to push the rock up the hill and surrender to a new direction. 


The truth will set you free but first it will scare you down to your very core... 


Here's to truthful Holidays.