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Work in Progress

Summer is back and the urban sounds of hip hop are painting it black. My birthday is in a week and I am old and white-- that’s a bad combination these days. My son just berated me for his lack of diversity, due to my patrician genetics, and he thanked God for his Spanish mother. I struggle with not wanting to be so disdainful and to have an open heart, but unless I am in yoga class, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of that. I used to think that hard work and some skills were a formulae for success but with incompetence and entitlement being the winning strategy, I am buying more lottery tickets and getting more gas.
The world is upside-down, trying to figure out how to be creative while standing on your head is challenging. Retirement is about something being over, forced retirement is about the culture saying you’re over. What to step on or where to step-up? Who to look to or who to look out for? Where to focus or how to focus? 
Due to social media we have a paranoia pandemic that we are being left out or left behind.
And on any given day, you are.
So what's a white boy to do?


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