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Strange Brew

We are a people dedicated to results, dedicated to finding solutions to a problem. To conclusions and outcomes. That’s all well and good but it can also cause problems of its own. It takes us out of the present time and throws us into a future answer that is meant to heal what ails us. If your attention is on the outcomes, your actions will be either passive or aggressive. You see attention on the outcomes kind of naturally puts you into hope, and hope evokes two distinct affects: passive or aggressive. If you are in hope of something working out, you will not take necessary actions to insure the result. You become afraid and tentative of messing something up, so you leave it to the universe or whatever to determine the outcome and it never works out. Or you become too aggressive and you are not in relationship with the person, place or thing and you are in the throes of your own agenda and that doesn’t work out.
Instead you want your attention to be on getting the information, not the results. If you go for the information with no survival about the results, you will know what actions to take. You will know how to pivot, you will not take something personally  . You will be freed-up to hear the truth.  You will be free ask any and all questions without the need to manipulate what comes back at you.
Now there are exceptions to this rule, as there are exceptions to any rule, and I don’t have any answers as to why there are exceptions. Sports seems to transcend this, possibly because there is such a declared outcome that is all agreed upon, which allows for the freedom to go for the goal line. There is nothing covert/ashamed/manipulative, it is just clear we --as a collective-- know this is what we are going for. Apparently that collective gives an athlete the freedom to do everything to win. This doesn’t account for sore-losers, but as I said, there are exceptions to everything. Otherwise go for the information.


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