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Old White Men

How is it, even in such a diverse world, that we still have old white men in power? When I was blonde, I could make blonde jokes. Now that I am old I can indict old white men. History has proven that those who get the changes the fastest have a distinct advantage. People don’t like to relinquish power once they have tasted it. Old white men are all stuffed in the top floor of a high-rise, clinging to their art as the building is being demolished and they are plummeting to their death. Little do we know that the inevitable was proclaimed a while ago and it’s just a matter of time before the hardened truth hits us.
The balance and the distribution of power is being delivered into many different outstretched  open hands: black hands, brown hands, yellow hands. The fist that’s clutching on to a time that’s already gone is an anachronism that is to be pitied.
There are many variations to the following story, but it’s quite instructive. In South America, Africa and Asia the natives have devised a very effective method of trapping monkeys. The plan is deceptively simple: the natives take a gourd or some similar object and drill a hole just large enough for a monkey’s hand to pass through; they add some extra weight to the gourd with sand or pebbles, then put a nut or some fruit inside and place the gourd where a monkey will find it. Here is what happens: the monkey sticks his hand through the hole to get the food — but with the prize in its grasp, the monkey cannot get its hand back out. The hole is too small for the monkey’s hand to pass through so long as it’s holding the treat, and the gourd is too heavy for the creature to carry. But because the monkey will not let go of its prize, it becomes trapped. The animal gives up its freedom to hold on to a small piece of food.
It seems obvious that all the monkey needs to do is let go of the bait and it can escape. But because it views the treat as its possession and is not willing to let go, the monkey is trapped. It loses its freedom.