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The Rush of Cold

Time to review and look forward. It certainly seems like we are packing ten years into one with all the ins and outs, the ups and down, the fits and starts. A defining year and a difficult year to make sense of. Defined by the Feminine Voice gaining strength and momentum and a difficult year with random shootings and mental illness continually invading those places we presumed were safe. This is the time that expectations of good will and family connection are heralded in but it’s not easy to find the Christmas spirit in the face of tragic loss from both human nature and Mother nature. We are seeing movies which reflect the time as they always have; fantasy and escape and hardened, real-time examples of what people are dealing with “Ben is Back” and “Beautiful Bo.” Boys are falling through the cracks and girls are no longer shoring up the cracks. We are hosting a time when all the puzzle pieces are in the air and where they will land and how it all will be pieced together is anyone’s guess. We are all looking for solid ground. That’s like looking for a Four Seasons and little chocolates while visiting Syria.
This is not the time for solid ground, this is a time to unearth all and see what lies beneath. We are in a new kind of revolution- a revolution that is excavating and revealing all the fissures that have always been there. There is no exit and nowhere to hide.
The challenge is to feel into these times, not think into these times. The challenge is to go into the skid not shy away from it. We all have fears about what will become of us and how we can protect those that we love. Where do we have something to say and where do we have no control. Along with this year being a defining year it is also a year of re-defining and maybe that includes Christmas Spirit.  Maybe Christmas Spirit is the acceptance of loss and letting go of those areas that are wanting to pass. Tis the season when expectations run high and feeling alone can be at the lowest of lows. There are so many extraordinary miracles and results for people this year but that does not necessarily reconcile your emotional account. Just because your resume/net worth/accomplishments are flush does not mean that you might not feel anxious, out of step-and or disconnected. Time to go gentle into the cold.
I am always so grateful for the work I get to do and I only get to do it because of you. Thank you for your trust. Have a kind and loving holiday.