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A New Year 2019

It is both a new year and just another day. We drive the culture based on the importance we put on events. So is it just another year or a fresh start. We all aspire for a better year every year, even if we had a great year the year before.  What we wish to happen has very little to do with what will happen and becoming more adept, more heroic in the face of the unexpected would be a banner year. There will be challenges that will require the best of us, that will require us to come face to face with our own humanity. Telling the truth and finding the truth will be the path to follow.
What we believe to be a real threat and what actually is are usually worlds apart. The leverage that life has on us is always what we are afraid to lose­­–– what we are trying to hold on to.
There are two seemingly contradictory statements that are worth holding in your heart: the first being that nothing is permanent and all is transitory. What looks true today could be dust tomorrow. And the second being that you play full out and give your heart to all you do, never waver.
We live in a world of color. We do not live in a black and white world. So, in the world of color you can have two opposing thoughts and gain great benefit from each.
Have a challenging and evolving year, because you will regardless.


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