"I believe tackling one’s life and one’s deficiencies is heroic.
It often feels like a crusade that takes all we’ve got."



  • "Our fantasies must die for
    our dreams to come true."

  • "Instead of striving to be
    greater than ourselves,
    we should strive to be
    more of ourselves."

  • "Let people come and go.
    Love them when they are
    here and love them when
    they are gone."

  • "In any situation forgiveness
    is always the answer."

  • "Be current.
    Just don't go with the current."

  • "Don't live life so it
    all works out.
    Live life for the stories
    to tell."

  • "Stay open. Look to be
    surprised everyday."

  • "Embrace the breakdowns,
    that's where the education is."

  • "Don't be jealous about what
    others have, be curious
    about how they got it."

  • "Love is the ability to cry
    publicly, laugh uncontrollably
    and have your heart
    broken consistently."

  • "Don't get so hung
    up on the lyrics, enjoy
    the music."

  • "Instead of striving to be
    greater than ourselves
    we should strive to be
    more of ourselves."

  • "Your life is a product of
    what you say yes and no to."

  • "Never open your heart
    to someone that can't hold it."

  • "Don’t look at the glass
    as half empty and don’t
    look at the glass as half full.
    Look how you can jump
    in and get soaking wet."

  • "You have nothing to say
    about your head going up
    your ass. You might have
    something to say about
    how fast it comes out."

  • "Don’t try and get life
    to makes sense.
    Make sense out of
    what life gives you."

  • "No drama unless you get paid for it."

  • "Let people think what they want to think about you. They will anyway."

  • "A miracle is a function of talent, resources and dedicated actions that culminates in one, glorious, seminal moment."

  • "Everyone has something to learn, character to develop."

  • "Never leave something unsaid. Say it."

  • "If you have to say something, DON'T. If you can’t say something DO."

  • "Remember just because you are standing next to someone who is famous doesn’t mean you are."

  • "Every situation should be seen as educational, creative or productive. Any other interpretation is useless."

  • "Secrets are designed to burden you and put a wedge between you and whomever. Confidentiality is a gracious offering that "I have your heart in my hand and I am looking to protect and provide safety."

  • "There’s no redeeming value or lesson to be learned from suffering, however being uncomfortable should be a way of life."

  • "Loyalty is great unless you are loyal to a fault."

  • "Some people are funny and some people have a great sense of humor, know the difference."

  • "Arguments only get resolved if one stands and embraces the other’s point of view"

  • "Faith is not a passive state."

  • "Always attempt to make Bold Entrances and have Graceful Exits"

  • "Feelings are always generative, creative, productive and healing."

  • "Whenever we fight AGAINST something, it’s always the wrong cause. And whenever we fight FOR something, it’s always the right one."

  • "Don’t try and get life to makes sense. Make sense out of what life gives you"

  • "Don’t try and be Happy. Happy is a manic state that’s hooked up to circumstances. Look to be joyful. Joy has to do with enjoying all that life throws at you."

  • "Children look to life to make them happy.  Adolescents complain that life is not making them happy.  Adults know they are responsible for their own happiness."


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It is my hope and wish that you will find what you are looking for here. I have been a consultant/coach for over thirty years and it has been my pleasure to work with thousands of people from all different walks of life. To get invited into the issues and concerns, the fears and the shame, the mistakes and the failures, the hopes and the fantasies, the dreams and the celebrations of people’s lives, has been an honor.


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Fossil Fish


What is Freedom?

Freedom is a language, like any other language, it has many tenses and the more fluent, the more access, the more benefit. Freedom means many things to many people. At the most basic level, there are certain fundamental necessities: to have a full stomach; to feel safe; to be sheltered and clothed; to able to learn and develop; to be exposed to possibilities; to be loved; to believe what you want without fear of repercussion.

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“I think it’s a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one’s self. One day the house smells of fresh bread, the next of smoke and blood. One day you faint because the gardener cuts his finger off, within a week you’re climbing over corpses of children bombed in a subway. What hope can there be if that is so? I tried to die near the end of the war. The same dream returned each night until I dared not to go to sleep and grew quite ill. I dreamed I had a child, and even in the dream I saw it was my life, and it was an idiot, and I ran away. But it always crept onto my lap again, clutched at my clothes. Until I thought, if I could kiss it, whatever in it was my own, perhaps I could sleep. And I bent to its broken face, and it was horrible…but I kissed it. I think one must finally take one’s life in one’s arms.”

Arthur Miller





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