All group workshops and courses will gather via Zoom meeting at this time. 

RADICAL ALCHEMY: Dismantling X to have Y

This two-day exploration is designed to disrupt your life and is the basis for all of Breck’s work.

Dismantling false identities and archaic, non-serving beliefs to reveal your unadulterated self. Operate from your most potent, pure and free place. Topics covered- fear, shame, identity, ideas around attraction, ego, mobility, generative living, among others. Highly constructed critical-thinking based workshop, with total flexibility to cover topics as needed: An intensive two-day workshop in an intimate small group setting. This is the introduction, foundation, and core to all of Breck’s work

It is an intense examination of the very way you think, feel, create, parent, love, study, and play. That which alludes also confuses, so we continue repeating our behavior in an attempt to bend our life to our own will.

Radical Alchemy changes you to see yourself clearly and move beyond ignorance and troublesome emotions to dispel guided notions of self-image. 

RADICAL EXCAVATION: Revealing Your Essence

Radical Excavation is about understanding your Shame and understanding other’s Shame. The bottomless nature of Shame is the exploration into what it is to be human. The course doesn’t rid you of your shame it expands your capacity to have Shame, and to alchemize your
Shame into self-love.

The second part of the course is about your Calling, discovering what you’re here to do. You cannot find your Calling through effort and struggle – and Shame is the great deterrent, the greatest arrestor to finding anything. Radical Excavation changes your relationship to Shame, so that you have room to explore, room to be curious; rather than a tiny room that offers no sunlight.


The weekend is an immersion in the Core Series: Core Confusions, Core Constructs, Core Communications, Core Connections, and Core Defaults.

We don’t know what’s going to happen. We are still trying to figure out what happened and how to deal. As a collective, we have to stop blaming others or ourselves for that which we can’t control. We have to do our own inventory and look for new tools to assist us at this time.

What we do know is the world is forever changed. What that means and what the lasting implications will be is still very much unknown.

Your Core Portals are an entryway and access to spiritual release.Liberation begins with awareness and self-love, and we could certainly all use a little more understanding and a whole lotta love.

RADICAL MAGIC:  Where Initiative Meets Serendipity

A fast-paced, creative dialogue that takes place in a carefully cultivated, safe and slightly more social environment. The weekly conversation focuses on transforming areas in your life that have felt restricted while giving you the added benefit of the group reflection for rapid development.

RADICAL TIME: Out of the Ashes

We live in radical times, and radical times call for radical pivots. This is a series designed to emotionally prepare you for the changing times and structurally look at what can be introduced, mined, and valued that would be a new initiative. 

This morning seminar is to accommodate and open up space for others in other time zones to participate in the work. We want to move from shock to surprise in what might be possible – great things historically have always emerged out of the ashes.

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