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Breck Costin - Private Coach
Breck Costin - Private Coach

Breck has an innate talent for excavating the truth in a person's life, flipping it like a pancake, then serving up radical shifts in perspective and life. His profound instinct has garnered him the status as L.A.’s most renowned private coach for an international clientele of discerning, high-performing individuals. He has transformed the lives of professional athletes, CEO’s, studio heads, music executives, and many prominent actors; has lead innovative workshops with everyone from NASA to famous rock bands.

Breck’s work centers around alchemizing defects, original wounds, and blind spots into assets and advantages for a thriving, generative life. He calls it living in Freedom; that creative childlike, fresh-eyed state of enthusiasm for all aspects of life. His style is both direct and compassionate, allowing people to dismantle their fantasies so they can develop a genuine sense of what is (and isn’t) possible. His workshops, booked months in advance, are deep dives into such topics as The Calling (uncovering true purpose), Identity Hacking (pivoting the relationship to the self), private couples Refresh and Reimagine Retreats, and his signature Freedom Series that is the foundation of his work. In addition to his private practice and intimate workshops, he speaks at many organizations, leads collaborative sessions with executive teams and has a highly anticipated podcast called Uncommon Sense forthcoming. He is a scribe and co-founder of several businesses, including the popular brand Smartypants and a new modern athleisure men’s line, Basalt.

Breck has over thirty years of experience in the field of progressive personal work, leading international workshops several thousand strong, to intimate five-person sessions. His work is deeply rooted in his own experience; a wild and prominent upbringing with side-serving of dysfunction, his own divorces, the loss of two brothers, both parents and his own near-fatal heart attack. He currently has a grown daughter, is raising two young children and has been married now for over twenty years to his wife, muse, and teacher. His personal mistakes, challenges, and losses serve as a portal allowing him direct insight and compassion into his client’s struggles and joys. Breck Costin’s work speaks for itself, judging by the tremendous praise from clients past and present, it is nothing short of life changing.

  • “All of us grow but few of us evolve. Breck has a magical way of unlocking your spiritual DNA that transforms you from the creature you think you are to the being you know you are. He truly is the Darwin of the soul. And he’s funny too.”

    Larry Wilmore
    Producer, Writer
  • "The tools that I learned through Breck’s courses gave me faith and confidence. I began living my life and taking charge of it as well. I pursued my dreams and started my own clothing line. My company is successful and I’m now in my 4th season of production. I owe it all to the time spent with Breck and his Freedom courses."

    Leila Nasseri
    Creator & CEO Whetherly
  • "There is no one quite like Breck! His amazing wit, wisdom, intelligence, sensitivity and searing insights have absolutely deepened and solidified my husband and my commitment to ourselves, our marriage and our children. We are eternally grateful for Breck’s love, nurturing and his commitment to us."

    Melora Hardin & Gildart Jackson
    Actress/Singer, Actor/Writer
  • “To this day, when people come to me for advice on how to be more successful in their relationships, their business and in their lives, I immediately point them toward Breck Costin. Time spent with Breck is a priceless gift to yourself. He’s the gift that keeps giving.”

    Scott Williams
    Co-Executive Producer “NCIS”
    Co-Founder Shane’s Inspiration
  • “I was always aware of the “golden people” – the ones who get promotions, win games, and generally win in life. We all see these people move through life like a hot knife through butter. After working with Breck Costin for many years and now looking back, I realize I have a bigger, more wonderful life then I ever could have imagined or planned. The changes occur in an organic and cellular way. I attribute the success of my company and my life to my work with Breck Costin.”

    Jeff Greenberg
    Owner, The Village Recording Studio
    Governor and Secretary, Los Angeles Chapter, The Recording Academy
  • “In life, Breck helps you shine a light on what is important to you. He is a safe-cracker, an archaeologist, a pirate and explorer. His booty and treasure is affinity, connection and good old-fashioned love. He doesn’t teach you ‘how to’, he teaches you ‘why’ – and he does it in a manner which fits the complex ecology of every relationship. He gets you through hard times and prepares you for better times.”

    Paul Telegdy
    President, Alternative and Late Night Programming NBC Entertainment
    NBC Entertainment
  • “Breck has had a profound impact on my life both professionally and personally. He presented me with valuable tools both structurally and emotionally which helped in my transition off the court and into the game of life. For many years, like so many of us, I confused vulnerability with weakness, support with sacrifice and power with force. He helped me recognize these fundamental misconceptions and for that I am very grateful. Breck is a coach among coaches and I should know I’ve had some of the best.”

    Rick Fox
    Three-Time NBA Champion, Actor, Producer
  • “There are a multitude of coaches to choose from. You will not find anyone who will recognize you better for who you are and develop you with more heart and dedication towards whom you can be than Breck Costin. He combines his exceptional talent with his unmatched experience and creates a tailored gift for you.”

    Dr. M. Caroline von Ledebur-Wicheln
    International Consultant & Coach
  • “Breck has a great way of getting to the essence of people and situations. Freedom from anything is only as far away as a talk with Breck.”

    Bill Silva
    President, Bill Silva Management/Entertainment
  • “Breck Costin is a world class coach and guide. His insights based on his own vast and varied life experiences are unique and invaluable.”

    John Branca
    Entertainment Lawyer
  • “To say that Breck Costin has been an important part of the success of my marriage is an understatement. We thank Breck for helping us to stay the course in our first years of marriage. We consider Breck and his family dear friends and I encourage anyone who seeks to have healthy, whole, loving relationships to work with Breck and see what I am talking about.”

    Susan Anton
    Actress / Singer
  • “Breck envisioned the person that I, if I dared, could actually be. Breck Costin is a visionary who says what needs to be said, and provides the most meaningful methodology of how to impact one’s life that I have ever come across.”

    Bobby Shand
    President, The Shand Group Advertising
  • “I have a lot of respect for Breck and his tools for helping people through the most challenging of times. His concept of ‘Noise’ inspired in me a philosophy to help people break free in many areas of their lives. The Freedom Series is the perfect decision for those moments in life when you are at a crossroads and don’t know which direction to take.”

    Bethenny Frankel
    TV Personality, Talk Show Host, Author, and Entrepreneur



The Huffington PostFaux vs. Full: Is Your ‘True Love’ Faking It?
July 12, 2016 - The Huffington Post

Imagine you are carrying around a faux Prada bag you bought for six dollars in Chinatown. It looks real. It feels real. But how long can you keep convincing yourself that it is?

Relationships all too often work the same way. Eventually, the fake label falls off, the seams bust, the handles break. The quality just isn’t there.

Whether you’re leaving that toxic partner or searching for that one-in-seven-billion, someone may well come along that fits your needs. Then years go by, and you question, is he the right match? You sleep around, or stay around, afraid of being alone. You’ve both settled into a faux relationship that is no longer alive, often at a damaging cost to one another. You know something is seriously wrong, and you don’t know what to do.





Inc. MagazineHow SmartyPants' Founders Fell in Love by Launching Their Company
September 2015 of INC. Magazine

A former technology startup executive, Courtney Nichols Gould, 45, reconnected with an old acquaintance to start a business. She wasn't expecting romance, too. The co-CEO of Marina Del Rey, California-based SmartyPants describes how it grew from its tumultuous start to its current success, raising $4.8 million through crowdfunding site CircleUp and hitting nearly $5 million in revenue last year. Oh, and she married her co-founder in 2011.

I came out to Los Angeles from New York City in February 2009. I had been COO of Clear, the airport-security fast pass, and took a year and a half off to think about my next gig. When I started thinking about staying in L.A., two people said, "Oh, you should talk to Gordon Gould," which was very funny, because I knew Gordon from way-back-when in New York, when we were both in the dot-com world.

Gordon was working on an idea about children's brain health and how nutrition could contribute to it. It seemed like a really worthy ambition to create a high-quality all-in-one vitamin that addressed all the compliance hurdles, and to wrap it in a brand with some charm. That stood for something.





Live HappyBuilding Lasting , Loving Families
LiveHappy Magazine by Breck Costin October 11, 2013

Have the same philosophical/moral sensibilities—The way you look at life, how you raise your children, common goals, etc., are the foundation. You can be different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds but the sensibilities must be in common. Like building a house, it’s the foundation that anchors the house and weathers the heat and the rain. The art, furniture and design are all wonderful, but those are perpetually changing factors; it’s the foundation that’s sustains.

Choose your best friend. This cannot be overemphasized. Chemistry is wonderful, and should be the initiating factor, but it’s the person you want to stay on the phone with all night that you want long-term.

Pick someone who has the same issue as you, and the conversation sounds like this: “We’re going to run out of money,” one says. “I know we’re going to starve,” the other replies. Try to pick someone who doesn’t have the same issue as you, so the conversation sounds like this: “We’re going to run out of money,” one says. “We’re going to be OK; we’ll figure it out.”





The New YorkerTHE ONE WHO KNOCKS – How Bryan Cranston made himself a star.
New Yorker Magazine by Tad Friend September 16, 2013

Thee staggering was all wrong. And the flailing? Unacceptable. Bryan Cranston turned from the video playback with a grin. A few weeks before, he had shot the last episode of “Breaking Bad,” the AMC series that gave him what he calls “the role that will undoubtedly be the first line of my obituary.” Now he was on the set of “Godzilla,” a Warner Bros. remake. In this scene, Cranston, playing the top scientist at a Tokyo nuclear facility, was having an intense argument that’s interrupted by a seismic jolt. Behind him, jumpsuit-wearing extras had begun reeling about as if they were in a cheaply enjoyable fifties version of the story, rather than in the expensively enjoyable version that Warner Bros. hoped to produce. “Doesn’t work, does it?” he said. The director, Gareth Edwards, an Englishman working on his first studio film, gave a rueful nod. “What I tell the background guys when I direct,” Cranston said afterward, referring to the television episodes he’s directed, “is ‘Don’t do it, think it.’ If you just think, This guy’s a douche bag, it will come through your eyes.”

On this June morning, all the elements were in place for a pro-forma blockbuster: a nine-figure budget, the most awesome mutant lizard that computers could generate, and a colossal monument to hubris soon to lie in ruins—the nuclear facility, played by the sludge-control building of a wastewater-treatment plant near Vancouver. The afternoon’s filming would consist of camera-car shots of swarms of extras racing down an endless concrete corridor and Cranston barking into a walkie-talkie as he raced the other way: the Hollywood disaster film in sum.





The Today ShowBethenny Frankel reveals how to get to ‘A Place of Yes’
NBC News - TODAY Books June 2, 2011

Though she’s a best-selling author, a successful chef and a reality-TV star, Bethenny Frankel says she knows what it’s like to doubt herself and feel out of control — but she’s also figured out how to conquer the noise in her head that holds her back. In “A Place of Yes,” she reveals her 10 rules for getting unstuck, moving forward and getting everything you want out of life. Here is an excerpt:

I first heard the term “noise” years ago, from Breck Costin, a life coach who teaches a course called Absolute Freedom, about how to clarify what you are doing with your life. He used the term in a different way, but it resonated for me. I’ve thought about it over the years since then, and developed the idea into something that works for me.

To me, noise is what gets in your way. It’s a self-generated obstacle, the negative talk inside your head that keeps you down, too afraid to go for what you want.





The Wichita Eagle‘Bad’ good for Bryan Cranston
The Wichita Eagle – Kansas By Luaine Lee March 23, 2010

Now that he's a big Emmy-winning TV star, you'd think Bryan Cranston would indulge himself a little. Not so. He still repairs things around the house, watches his money and thinks he's the star of AMC's "Breaking Bad" because of luck

"If you achieve a certain amount of success or financial security, you appreciate that so much more because you know when you didn't," he says at a poolside cafe at an L.A. hotel. "When I was a kid we were foreclosed on. Our house was taken away because we couldn't afford the bills. Boom, big notice on the door, evicted, almost like a scarlet letter."

His father, too, was an actor. "Perhaps because I was raised in that up-and-down typical actor life maybe that's why going into it myself, I said, 'OK, be absolutely stingy with a dollar so that you are available to stay and act.' "

Luck, he insists, plays a big role in any actor's career.




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