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I was reticent to be just another voice in a long line of truly heartfelt and profound voices weighing in on The Orlando Massacre. I initially was anesthetized and disbelieving. I didn’t register the tragedy, but with each passing day it is like some time-released despair that I feel. I did not know anybody that died that night but I can’t help but feel a parent’s grief. A parent’s helplessness. A parent’s rage. I mourn with those parents that have lost their untried children.

In 1996 Australia banned all guns and subsequently there has been only one incident in 20 years. That is not by coincidence. Is it that we as Americans are so arrogant that we can’t learn from other countries? Why do we feel that we have to stay true to our sanctimonious ways? You would think after Columbine that would have been enough impetus, and if not then, certainly when small children were gunned down at Sandy Hook would have been the icing on the cake; but still not. We are addicted to using The Second Amendment as some concretized tablet rather than an ever-evolving construct that should be vetted and examined to see if what was written in 1787 is still germane today. The right to protect ourselves with assault rifles seems oddly ironic.

I don’t need to go into all the reasons why there should be no guns; there are so many others who have already exhausted this argument through comedy, tragedy, and political forums and we still have guns. I just know we grow stupider every day. We follow people who have no ability to listen and we listen to people who have no ability to follow, so how could they possibly be expected to lead. Once again we are infected with another case of heartbreak; with no solution, just anguish. And again we will be left watching devastated parents perform the unnatural duty of burying their children.

Looking Past, Looking Forward

My 11-year-old son, Jack, and I had one of those “before you go to sleep, lights off, moonlight, coming through his shutter windows” talks the other night.

It had been prickly for a couple of hours prior, where he had been tormenting me with relentless demands for hot chocolate and I said NO repeatedly. He became sullen and subsequently vituperative, so I sent him to bed. I went in to check on him and he basically told me to get out. The lights were off and he was lying across his bed, still in his jeans. “Let’s talk this out,” I said, and we did. He felt that I was mean to him and on him way too much. Jack began telling me how he suspected that something happened to me when I was young. He wanted to know if that was true and what happened that made me get so upset all the time. I told him that it was difficult in our house and that my Dad was an alcoholic and not around physically or emotionally. He said that he knew there was more than what I was telling him.  Jack threatened that he was going to read my memoir and find out, to which I reminded him that he’s not allowed to read until he is at least thirty-five. He said that he felt like he was picking up a lot of what had happened to me during my childhood. He was crying while he said it. I started to cry. I agreed that he was likely right and I told him, “We are working things out together. I am learning more about myself through you and you are developing a deeper understanding of your own impact through me. We are each other’s best teachers.”

Looking into those darker places, having real conversations, and finding a greater understanding of yourself through your children is one of the many gifts of having children. I am learning to look past all the behavior that I have been so addicted to changing in my children. Being more attentive and less controlling is my greatest challenge. We all have challenges to work out. And we have to work them out together.

A Confluence of Cultural Crap

Johnny Depp’s video-taped apology to the Australian people is just another link in an already bizarre chain of cultural crap. What is it about movie stars that has them become more and more aberrant as they age?  Like Persian cats who have gotten far too much attention and have been inbreeding with themselves. Has no one told these people that men shouldn’t do plastic surgery or color their hair?

These day you can’t say anything without offending someone. The over-sensitivity that has become the zeitgeist of our time is crippling. Developing some moxie, some toughness, belongs to another time. Equality has been taken to new heights where we are attempting to equalize the playing field so people feel better about themselves. No one is equal. Nothing is equal. There are people who are smarter, funnier, more talented than the next person. Whoever said it was a good idea to reduce yourself so others feel better about their own mediocrity.

Overly medicated and under-educated has birthed a mountain of authority with very little credibility; assuming you have something to say is an epidemic. In the spirit of the confluence of cultural crap, there is really nothing more you could say about Donald Trump. He has so congested the cultural pipes that even a good plumber with a viable snake couldn’t unclog that mess. People have turned incompetency into an art form using family names as a stepping stone for their own benefit. The need to be special, mixed with very few life skills and over-inflated expectations is unleashing a problem that we won’t be able to undo.

So what to do? Make changes where you can. Stop attempting to make changes where people are clearly not interested. We are so prone to give our opinions with very little interest in investing our time. To understand what matters to you and to spend your life dedicated to that cause is a life well spent; for the rest save your breath. 

Let's Make America Great Again

I find this to be just another myopic slogan that longs for a time and country that no longer exist. “Let’s Discover America,” would be a better slogan. If you think back to when we were in school and first learned about Columbus and all the other explorers, we were learning about the discovery of America. That has been the hallmark of this country; the continuous discovery of who we are and what we have to contribute. There is no “GREAT AGAIN,” there is no going back to our “glorious past”. There is only the discovery of what we are today.

 Like any great business you would start with the fissures and the cracks and see what needs to be done. You would examine the product and see if it’s still current and viable. You wouldn’t keep trying to upsell something that people stopped buying long ago. The very fact that Donald Trump has so much traction is just a statement of the times, it’s not a statement of the man; the fact that he does not know that difference is a statement of the country. People come into power by being in the right place at the right time with the right pathology. Without Bush there would be no Obama, and without the advent of everyone thinking they’re special there could be no Facebook.

 People are concerned about the direction the country is going in; that’s like being concerned about gravity and thinking you have something to say about it as you jump off a cliff. To demand change, you must first understand how we got here. You must tear down the rotting structures and start to rebuild with a strong foundation. It’s not sexy, but it’s real. To pivot a great change would require the country to be unified, pulling in the same direction. It would require collective sacrifice. It would require trading in short term gratification for long term vision. Getting that all to happen would be the equivalent to wresting a bone out of a rabid dog’s mouth. We are a country consumed with self and have no ability to distinguish fact from fiction. We truly believe celebrities are our friends. No matter what anyone says we will believe what we want to believe, regardless of whether it’s true or not. Even though this will land on deaf ears, Mr. Trump, just because you’re married to someone who is good-looking, it doesn’t mean you are.

It's the Heart that Matters More

There are all kinds of documented testimonials about how the heart had to bypass all kinds of logic, geometry and physics in order to make something extraordinary happen.  There is the science and the controversy about what is the physical controlling factor in the human body. Is it the brain? Is it the heart? Depending on how you are wired, depends on how you look at life.  If you more logical, the brain is what you listen to and if you are more romantic or creative you listen to your heart.

I had a massive heart attack six years ago and then had an incident just a few months ago that required an angioplasty and a stent.  I have always been known for my heart, and if I look at my family and all the heart disease and death that’s resulted from vulnerable hearts, it makes sense. Our family crest should have been one, big, broken heart. 

I now have a very intimate relationship with my heart. It’s quite personal, loving and fragile, and we speak to each other all the time. I have asked so much of my heart and I demand so much of it on a daily basis.  Our relationship was pretty one-sided for so long. I treated my heart the way I treated most of my relationships…that they were there to serve me.  No wonder that there was pushback and an angry heart but also like my other relationships, my heart has hung in there giving me more chances to do the right thing and be the person that I say I want to be.

People have asked me if I am afraid due the damage in my heart and I say “No”, I actually feel more in tune, more courageous than ever because I am in love with my heart. The good, the damaged, the majesty of it all.  I am also in love with other’s hearts and as human beings that is truly what we respond to the magnificence of when one is true to themselves, which means being true to your heart.

Some interesting facts:

·      Your heart beats 101,000 times a day. During your lifetime it will beat about 3 billion times and pump about 800 million pints of blood or about 1 million barrels -that’s enough to fill more than 3 super tankers.

·      Blood takes about 20 seconds to circulate throughout the entire vascular system.

·      A typical athlete’s heart churns out up to 8 gallons of blood per minute. 

·      Your system of blood vessels - arteries, veins and capillaries - is over 60,000 miles long. That’s long enough to go around the world more than twice!

·      The heart produces enough energy every day to drive a truck for 20mi.

·      Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to…

·      Couples who are in Love synchronize their heart rates after gazing into each other’s eyes… 

Happy Valentines Day.



It’s hard to grow, move, create and see possibility when you are under water. Now, actually being under water, that creates wonder, but metaphorically being under water gives us no place to go.  Circumstances such as bad health, financial challenges or breakdowns in your primary relationships can throw one into some level of despair.  One takes action to dig themselves out but mostly we are using the same tools that dug us in.  Different people have different tendencies in adverse situations but if you can get yourself to higher ground, where you can look around and see what got you here, that is a beginning.

There always signs along the way that point to unfavorable outcomes. There are also signs along the way that point to favorable outcomes but I am not talking about “good times”. I am taking about transcending and finding value in difficult situations. We choose to ignore those signs and then are always surprised or indignant when unwanted events take place.

First we need to do a review and understand how you got here…without any blame or self-incrimination.

Second there is to clean up; apologize or make amends for any arrogant and dismissive actions that you perpetrated along the way.

Third, you can look at how this breakdown is more of what you wanted than you know; to take yourself out of some victim identity and see somehow this direction is somehow a choice, you were just too blind, too arrogant or too afraid to make it.

Fourth, you reach out to others for authentic feedback using them to assist in new direction with an open ear and open heart.

Fifth, you don’t attempt to keep something together. You allow the house to come down so you can read the geomancy in the dirt. 

Sixth, you begin to rebuild, not reassemble, and you allocate plenty of time for that process. You are not in a hurry.  You are in the truth and there are no time restrictions in rebuilding from the truth.

Feel Free to Feel

The holidays are such a time of volatile emotions, managing expectations, intoxicating events, nursing hangovers, intense highs, challenging conflicts, familial obligations, relentless carols, reams of wrapping paper, last minute dashes, bloated bellies, and that's just some of it. You need the let-down postpartum wail and wounded animal primal scream in order to process all that has transpired. There is a reason for New Year's Resolutions and there's a reason that they come when they do. Yes of course it's the new year, but more importantly it's because of the few weeks that came before December 31st that herald a liver overload, you need to tether yourself to some sort of promise of change.

I love Christmas. I love all of it. I love the getting of the tree, buying of the presents, decorating of the house. I love how excited the kids are and how all seem to be merry and there is a sense of "good will towards mankind." Is it the endorphin of Love and Good Will that has us over indulge? Is that just the nature of us, that we must celebrate good tidings with depressants (liquor/champagne) and other mood enhancing drugs? Who cares, there's always a resolution in the very near future to right some temporary wrongs.

2015 was a year of terrorist acts and very strange happenings. The absurd becoming more and more mainstream and the bizarre taking a center seat at the table. Digital acuity is determined by how fast we can adapt and accept to radically changing paradigms, and in that regard the gauntlet has been thrown down. We all had to find our footing and our way through the shock of it all.

2016 is a different year. We are no longer shocked by the horrible or the absurd. We have more of an ability to integrate these headlines into our daily lives. So 2016 becomes a time of intense creativity, taking lemons and making lemonade, standing up to terrorist acts, living with more intention and less reaction and driving away anger with the power of a pure heart. It portends to be a very amazing year...

A December Chill

Heavy hearts and looking over our shoulder have become a way of life.  We no longer have the ability to get on an airplane, shop in a public place or have an evening out at the movies without checking out who is standing next to us. We have become a culture of paranoia and mistrust. Once again we are asked to find different ways to adapt, different ways to walk through this world. (Damn, I just got used to celebrating stupidity and holding my tongue due to political correctness.) No longer is terrorism confined to the fanatic, it now belongs to housewives. I guess this is the new cottage business.  How do we prepare for random acts of insanity? How do we protect our children?

The New York Times posted an editorial on the front page, the first time in since 1920, citing the epidemic of easy access to assault weapons. They blasted the political leaders and accused them of pandering saying it was a “Moral Outrage”. “They say you want a revolution”, I, like the Beatles say, “No”.  Equipping private citizens with assault rifles so they can defend their homeland is what some people propose, but this is not the Revolutionary War, this is not the birth of America where there was an aligned intent or a unified coalition dedicated to a greater cause. This is a country of personal agendas fueled by psychotic breaks. This is the land of misfit toys and I don’t think arming that is a smart idea.

I don’t have any answers myself. I just have instincts and thoughts I have found myself slowing down not being less intentional but certainly more thoughtful. No aggressive reactions or impulsive behavior, only taking umbrage two out of every five times.  This way of being does not insure our safety, it just hopefully doesn’t cause any additional problems.

Every time has its own challenges and we must find ways to mourn and laugh and persist in the times that we live in.  When something heated happens, when tragedy strikes, our tendency is to draw back to retreat to a world of insulation.  I encourage you to reach out, to speak out, to go counter to what’s predictable. I usually sign off the holiday blog with Happy Holidays, but that seems lame given the current status of things.  So I say Safe Holidays and let’s look out for one another.

Credit vs. Creativity

One of my friends was watching the most recent episode of Inside the Actors Studio hosted by James Lipton. His guest was Bryan Cranston. Now without a doubt he is one of our greatest talents. He has such range from comedic to dramatic and his dedication to his craft is formidable. That alone is rarified air but what makes him indelibly sui generis is his lack of ego and his generosity of spirit. He very graciously acknowledged me for something I said in a seminar he attended years ago. He repeated this bit of coaching I gave him that he says changed his acting career and subsequently his life. Even though this was years ago, he had this as a current touchstone and a universal truth that stands the test of time. He was emphatic as to the importance of what he had learned and he was equally emphatic about imparting this to other actors in the audience. I was, of course, moved, but not because of what he said about me but because it said so much about him. In a world looking for credit, here is a man looking to find new avenues to express his creativity and make a contribution.

The ability to translate coaching into action can only be done if you are not attempting to compete with your sources of advice, and you are not attempting to take credit for what someone else has said or done. It’s a sure bet that you will be bending the hose in the middle and congesting any flow if getting credit is your primary focus. Those who acknowledge others, those who look to give credit where credit is due, or better yet whether it’s due or not to give credit away, are nourishing their creative channel.

“Give credit away so you can create another day.” I just made up this really dumb rhyme. Unfortunately, I have to take credit for it…and actually that’s not a bad way to go. Give credit to others for all the extraordinary things that you have said and done (because there’s a certainty that you didn’t do it alone) and take credit for really stupid stuff. Your life will be richer!  I have had, and have, the greatest mentors in my life where without them I would have fallen down so many rabbit holes.  Staying open-hearted, staying innocent and curious, understanding the difference between child-like and childish and longing to continually begin again and again should be our attempt.

If you're interested in watching Bryan Cranston on Inside the Actors Studio, click below: